When the Woof Reporters aren’t at the dog park, they’re online of course. Pet-centric websites are the first stop for the latest and greatest doggie news we share with you. And don’t you know it, we have our favorites. You already know some of the Links We Love for dog care, pet travel, senior pet resources, adoption and more, but the list keeps on growing. Here are some new ones we adore, and they’ve just been added to our Woof Report site too. Get those bookmarks ready.


Dog Park Directory. Now your closest dog park is right in the palm of your hand. Just bookmark dogparkusa.com on your web-enabled phone and grab the leash. Or get to the site and access the handy interactive maps to dog parks near and far. Find the address, hours, leash rules in a flash. It’s great for travel or to mix up the morning routine.


Lost & Found. Nothing prepares you for the grief of losing a pet. Many families are stunned by how profoundly lost and sad they feel after the death of their furry companion. Fortunately, the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement can help them cope. This excellent non-profit resource provides listings of nationwide support groups, tips for helping kids with grief, memorial tributes to pets, and other free services.


Shop for Pet’s Sake. Animal lovers everywhere just want to know which products are tested on animals before they buy them. Now caringconsumer.com makes shopping a little easier. Just search their web database for “Companies That Do Not Test on Animals” or “Companies That Do Test on Animals.” You can even search by product type to find what you’re looking for from the companies that ban animal testing. Add this site to your shopping list today!


CDC Says.  See the Woof Reporters care about people too. We love the CDC’s Healthy Pets, Healthy People site for reaching out to help protect people who own and care for animals. This resource offers insights about companion and wild animals and diseases they may carry. It includes prevention tips and lets you browse by animal or disease and there’s even information for animal care workers who may be at higher risk for “zoonotic” health risks.


Pesticide Precautions. Thank goodness the National Pesticide Information Center is around. Somebody’s got to tell us the truth about pesticide safety. Their handy NPIC fact sheets answer commonly asked questions about finding less-toxic pesticide alternatives, deciphering product labels and recognizing pesticide poisoning in people and pets.


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Thank you to Jurica and Penelope Dori for the photo.