Find everything you need for baking dog breed cookies – a perfect surprise for the dog lover in your life (even if it’s you!).

Who doesn’t love a homemade cookie? Nobody, that’s who. Not your mail carrier, not your groomer, not your dog walker, and these people deserve them too. And since we’ve often featured tasty recipes for your pampered pups, we thought it was high time we indulge the dog people in their lives. So dust off those cookie sheets, we’ve got an easy cookie recipe ready for recession-ready gifting fresh from your kitchen.

But wait, it gets better: Dog Breed Cookie Cutters! We couldn’t resist them. Positively baker’s bliss, choose from over 80 stainless steel dog breed cutters and other pup-centric shapes like bones, paws, doghouses and fire hydrants that make the baking part seem well, boring. In fact, why not just roll out the pre-made cookie dough (like we did) and get to work with the cutters? We’ve even got a tasty icing recipe to top them off. Yum!

Here’s what you need:

  • An assortment of doggie cookie cutters. Find a huge assortment at The
  • Sugar cookie dough. Make it yourself or purchase pre-made cookie dough.
  • Icing. Find pre-made icing in tubes from Williams-Sonoma or baking supply shops (the tips should be the thinnest you can find) or experienced bakers, whip up Royal Icing and use #2 and #3 tips with your pastry bag.
  • Optional jimmies, colored sugar and other “fur” candy decorations.

Bake Your Cookies

Roll dough to desired thickness and cut into shapes with your cookie cutters. Bake on an ungreased baking sheet at 350° for 8 to 10 minutes or until the cookies are just beginning to turn brown around the edges.


Once your cookies have cooled, it’s time to decorate. Keep it simple and just outline your dog shapes with a fine line: Touch the tip of the icing tube or pastry bag to the cookie and gently squeeze, raising the tip a bit and outlining the entire edge of the cookie. To seal the seam and make it disappear, dip a paint brush in some water, dab it on a paper towel to release some water and then gently touch the seam. Allow the outline to dry. Then add your pup’s eyes, nose, a smile and maybe a collar too for color.

Take it up a notch by filling in the outline with frosting and adding decorative “fur.” Use Royal Icing or for easy icing, take a few spoonfuls of pre-made vanilla frosting, microwave it until it’s runny and add a few drops of food color. Then choose to add jimmies or colored sugar decorations before the icing dries.

Allow the icing to dry completely before packaging your cookies to give as a gift or eat them with wild abandon.

The Scoop:

Dog Breed Cookie Cutters
Find over 80 breeds, plus other fun shapes, $2.99 each at The

Cookie Decorating Inspiration
Art Girl Cookies, our inspiration, is no longer in business, but you can still see her cookie designs online.


Sugar Cookies
“No-Fail” Sugar Cookie Recipe cookie recipe

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Originally published May 2009; reviewed and revised May 2017.