Celebrate or honor a beloved canine companion by planting trees in the forest with the Arbor Day Foundation (no digging required). Beautiful and growing with each passing year, healthy trees are important to all living creatures.

It’s a tough spot. You want to honor the memory of a beloved pet, but you don’t quite know how. A pet cemetery tribute feels too distant, a permanent home shrine, too close. Woof Report’s been there. We recognize the profound loss and grief associated with a passing pet. So when we learned about the Arbor Day Foundation’s Trees for Pets program, we just had to pass it on.

Lucky for forests everywhere, the Arbor Day Foundation keeps on planting well after its namesake, which is Friday, April 24th. This dedicated organization “leads the way, and helps individual citizens plant and care for trees to enrich the environment.” This is especially important now as the world’s forests face their greatest challenges. From fire, disease, erosion, and insect damage, the trees we rely on to clean our air and water are threatened. And don’t get us started on the countless other creatures from owls to squirrels who suffer immensely from the loss of trees. In respect for these animals and their beautiful treetop homes, honor the creatures in your life with a lasting pet memorial or celebration of new life with the gift of trees.

You can choose plant trees for pets in celebration of an adoption or to honor a pet or in memory of a beloved pet. Either way, your donation plants trees in one of our nation’s forests, no digging required. The Arbor Foundation will plant the trees for you in forests where grand trees have been lost to disaster. It’s easy, go to their site and choose the amount, every dollar plants one tree and there’s a minimum of just ten dollars. Then print out a personalized certificate to give to your friend or choose to have it delivered and you’re set.

It’s easy to do. Go to their site and choose the number of trees you’d like to plant, Every $2 plants one tree and there’s a $10 minimum. Then print out a personalized certificate to give to your friend or choose to have it delivered and you’re set.

Just think about it, by participating in Trees for Pets your pet’s honor memory will grow with every year. All this, while nurturing a healthier earth. Is there a better way to honor a best friend?

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Trees for Pets from the Arbor Day Foundation