Hey, pup people. iPhone’s calling and it’s for you. Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch have an impressive 30 million users, but is it the apps that really make these devices so appealing? Maybe so. A few weeks ago, iPhone marketing VP, Greg Joswiak told Fortune Magazine that “users have now downloaded more than 800 million applications from the store – a 60% increase in two months.” And now with the addition of more and more doggie downloads to its impressive line-up of 30,000 apps, if you’re not an iPhone user, then you’ll want to be after you type “dog” into iTunes App Store search.  Training tips, pup care manuals – it’s a digital doggie dream, downloadable to your iPhone or iPod touch in seconds. And did we mention the price? Apps start at $.99, or even better, some are free. Just look what you can get:


Off Leash Dog Park Finder
Now traveling dogs can zip around the dog park with the locals. The incredible Off Leash app lists about 600 dog parks in the US, with even more to come. Search for parks wherever you go and turn the pooch loose. The app uses your current location to pinpoint the five closest off leash parks, then just click the park of your choice to get directions to get there. How did we live without it? Best of all, download it for free.


Dog Tricks & Bark Machine
Now all your dog training know-how is as close as your cell phone. This excellent two for one app, offers step-by-step training tips, tricks, and games with nearly 200 helpful photos. With training instructions designed under the supervision of the highly respected American Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), this quality app helps improve your pup/person dynamic with easy training tips you take on the go. It’s even loaded with the ‘Bark Machine,’ eight different sounds (including a clicker and squeaky toy) designed to boost your dog’s training experience. Now just try to get your training books to do that. Dog Tricks & Bark Machine is free for a limited time, then regularly is $2.99.


Pet Owner’s Manual
A great find for pup people on the go with their best friends, the Pet Owner’s Manual was released on March 15th and instantly shot to #3 of the iPhone’s top ten paid medical apps. It’s easy to see why. This useful app features emergency how-to information for bee stings, doggie CPR, allergic reactions, and details on creating a canine first aid kit. You can even use it to “Find a Vet” wherever you are with your iPhone’s GPS service. Not bad for $1.99.


iClean Screen Cleaner
Well, it doesn’t exactly clean your iPhone screen, but we won’t tell. This hilarious video of dogs licking the inside of your iPhone is just too good to pass up. And despite the realistic imagery, it won’t cause water damage to your phone either. Check it out or download it for $.99 – we know you’ll love it too.


The Scoop:

Visit Apple’s iTunes store to find these and other dog and pet related apps for iPhone and iPod touch.


Even your dog can have an iPhone, well – an iBone at least.