Back in 2008, Woof Report was a daily then weekly email newsletter for dogs and their people. For three years, we shared practical, fun, and timely dog advice to dog lovers around the country. And beginning today — the Woof Report is back!

Things have changed since Woof Report first launched – after all, that was 70 dog years ago!

There are now thousands of dog blogs and endless websites and newsletters. In some ways, this is fantastic – there’s more information than ever about our favorite topic. At the same time, it’s overwhelming – how can you find the good stuff, which sites can you trust, and how can you keep up?

Enter the new Woof Report!

Sign up for the Woof Report newsletter and get the best of the web (and beyond) for dogs and their people delivered in one single email on Fridays.

Each week, I’ll search my 50+ trusted sources and send you the most fascinating, timely, and useful dog news. Each email includes the latest from Woof Report, from, and a Top Dog of the Week.

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I hope you enjoy Woof Report as much as I enjoy creating it for you.

Please share Woof Report with other dog lovers and contact me anytime to share your thoughts on the newsletter. Tell me what your ideal dog newsletter would include each week! I look forward to hearing from you.