The Woof Reporters’ top source for the dog-worthy tips and hacks isn’t always the web, magazines or even experts – it’s you, our readers.

Your fellow Woof Report readers are writing in with tips and tricks. We hope you will too. Tell us your best tip so we can share it with other dog lovers.

In the meantime, here are just a few of our favorites.

Crate Idea!

“I take my dog’s big crate to a self-serve car wash to give it a good cleaning. It’s much easier than trying to wash it at home and the strong water pressure of the hose really gets the crate clean. I put it on the cement – thoroughly wash down the inside and outside of the crate – especially the corners, and pop it in the trunk to air-dry outside at home.
– Linda and Bruno

Butter Them Up

“Do you need a quick, non-toxic way to remove tree sap from your dog’s fur? Butter works as an instant solvent on wet or dry fur. Lather on a few rounds of butter followed by a warm water rinse. As a bonus, your pooch will smell like a buttery cookie afterward, and it won’t harm him to lick off the remains.”
– Stacey and Sadie 

Treat ’em Right

“A great way to save some cash and have yummy treats your dog will love is to use a vegetable dehydrator to dehydrate chicken, beef, and hot dogs for training treats. The treats are less processed than store-bought treats and dogs love them.”
– Shelby and Cooper

Toy or Water Bowl?

“I always stash a frisbee in my car. It will do in a pinch as a toy for my dog that will chase anything that moves and it also serves as a water bowl!”
– Lindsey and Gus 

Ring Bell for Service

“Bentley and Peanut both ring a bell to go outside. This keeps them from barking unless someone comes to the door. Bentley has also learned to ring a hotel-style bell when he wants to go out on the lanai to lie in the sun. It is easy, just tap their paw to the bell each time you go outside, regardless of what the reason is for going out. Your canine companion will soon learn that if they want to go out, they’ll need to ring the bell. This works great if you’re traveling and staying in a hotel too. It also keeps them from scratching at the door. When we moved from New York to Florida, I placed the bell on the car floor and when Bentley needed to relieve himself he would ring the bell. It worked great!”
– Kimberly, Bentley & Peanut

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