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Here are a few new tips and some favorites featured in Woof Report in the past. Keep them coming and I’ll continue to pass them on!

Bath Buster

“If your dog is a little hard to bathe, smear some peanut butter on the spout in the tub and he will lick away at it while you begin the bath. If you have someone helping you, have them add a little more during bath time and before you know it, the dogs are clean and happy!”

– Diane and Poo

Pup Passenger

“As much as I’d like my Yorkie, Chelsea, to ride on my lap in the car, I know it’s best for her safety to place her in a car seat. I bought the Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat and she’s really grown to like it! She hops right in it when we get in the car and she looks out the window the entire trip.”

– Liz and Chelsea

Collar Break

“From time to time, and when I know there’s absolutely no chance my dog can get out of the house, I’ll take his collar off. I’ll rub and scratch all around his neck, pet him from his crown down his back, and he also gets a break from hearing his jingling collar tags. He hasn’t told me that he likes it, but I’m sure he does!”

– Suzanne and Blackie

Treat Tips

“For the most part, I only give my two Shepherd mix dogs small-sized treats. A dog trainer once told me dogs do not differentiate between small and large treats – they are simply happy to get as many treats as possible! Smaller treats also help keep my dogs’ weight in check – lots of extra treats can really add up.”

– Michele and Lola & Mikey

Car Ride Residue

“I’m still weaning my dog off enjoying ‘saltwater sodas’ when I take him to the beach. On one visit, he drank too much saltwater and threw up in the car, which left quite a mess and an odor. A friend recommended baking soda to both clean the car and get rid of the odor, and it really worked.  To use it, lightly wet the soiled surface with water (test a small patch to make sure the material is color-safe), and then sprinkle the baking soda over the damp area. Lightly rub the baking soda into the material with a sponge or towel, then let it dry and wipe it clean or vacuum. Also, just as you place a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors, leave an open box in your car to absorb odors too.”

– Kristi and Jake

Here’s the Beef

“I go one more step on the beef broth in the ice tray. I chip up the leftover chicken from a roasted chicken, and then place a bit of chicken in each slot then pour the broth over the chicken. Then I freeze it, break the cubes out of the ice tray once frozen and place them in a freezer zip-loc bag. I put one or two in a bowl and microwave it for 29 seconds, stir and microwave for 20 more seconds, and pour it over “dry food.” Your dog will love it!”

– Linda and Holly

RX for Rex

“I discovered an amazing find at Walgreen’s recently. They offer a prescription savings club that can be used for pet meds! For an annual membership of $20, you pay around $10 to $15 for prescriptions depending on the quantity. They offer thousands of meds for people with many that are for pets too. Ask your vet if the meds for your pup are also taken by people and then call Walgreen’s pharmacy to see if they’re part of the program. We’ve saved a TON of money on expensive antibiotics our pooch takes for a persistent cough.”

– Sue and Casey

Chew on This

“When the pups were teething, I would wet a washcloth, wring it out, leave it in the wrung-out shape and freeze it. They loved to chew on it and it also made their gums feel better!”

– Beth and Frosty & Annabelle

Dander Buster

“Allergic to your dog? Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray is a great way to reduce pet dander in your home. It’s non-toxic and safe around kids and pets. It works wonders for your allergies!”
We found this at 
– Adrienne

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Originally published January 2011; reviewed and updated April 2017.