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Four paws up for our Woof Readers! We just want to say thank you for sharing your fur family photos and smart tip ideas with your Woof Reporters. And, of course, for passing along the Woof Report to your fellow pet people. Thanks to you, Woof Report is growing quickly, resulting in an astounding 4,000 fuzzy mug photos for the Woof Report Friends dog collage. You’ve got to love this – we certainly do.

But we have even bigger plans for Woof Report. We want your daily emails to keep getting better. As fellow pup people, we’re committed to bringing you only the latest, most compelling dog information out there. So we created a speedy Reader Survey to find out how we’re doing. Just imagine: With your honest answers, we can make Woof Report indispensable for you and your dog.

Now’s your chance. Spend less than five minutes completing the survey and get entered to win a random drawing for five $50 gift certificates to the local or online pet store of your choice. It’s our way to say thanks for your time. And cross our hearts, all of your responses are completely anonymous and will be kept confidential.

But wait…there’s more. We’ve got the scoop on how Woof Report works and new site features to share too. Just look what’s in store:

How Woof Report Works.Thanks for your questions about how Woof Report picks the items featured in our daily emails. Here’s how it works: Our items, products, websites, absolutely everything we feature in Woof Report, are selected solely by our editors. It’s simple — we recommend things we like and want to share with you.

In other words, companies cannot pay to be featured in Woof Report and those companies we choose to feature do not compensate us in any way. You may see ads within our emails, usually just on the right and left sides, and they’re always labeled as such. These ads help us keep Woof Report running as a free service for you (and allow us to have jobs that welcome pups in the office). Learn more about our editorial policy.

Woof Report Widgets. What’s a widget? It’s a free, quick, and easy way to have WoofReport.com content available on your site, your blog or social networking pages.

Woof Report widgets do everything from let you preview our latest tips to give you a peek at the daily Best In Show pup or weekly Top Dog. Just copy and paste the code that appears below the widget to your site and you’re set. It’s so easy.

Links we Love We’ve compiled a list of our most visited and useful links for pup care. Every one of the Links we Lovegets rave reviews from the Woof Reporters. Like all of the items we feature in our daily emails, they’re our handpicked favorites we hope you’ll find handy as well. So why not just Bookmark this page? That way you can always check back for the latest links we add as we find them.

Ask a Trainer. Submit your questions about dog behavior and training to our new resident expert and learn how to improve your dog’s manners. Or just see what’s dogging other dog people and learn from their questions.

More Site Stuff. You want know a little more about the folks behind Woof Report, so you got it. Take a look and see the Woof Reporters and our trusted vet and trainer experts in our newly updated About Us page. You also wanted to see more Shelter and Rescue organizations so we now have others from New York to Los Angeles with more listings in other cities on the way. Please let us know if your favorite organization in any state is missing. Lastly, Woof Report’s on the move. Keep up with us at the Woof Report Facebook Page and follow us
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We thank you for subscribing and hope that you love Woof Report as much as we love creating it. Please continue to submit your tips, photos of your pups and any feedback you have for Woof Report.