Enough already with the scientific studies and veterinary breakthroughs, the Woof Reporters are ready for fun pet news. Here are a few favorite finds, ripped from the headlines (or somewhere deep in the features sections).

And the Winner Is…Pets!
See, it’s not just us! A Boston Consulting Group survey of 12,000 women in 21 different countries found that pets beat out sex and food in “the things that makes women extremely happy.” And not by a little bit either. Check out this breakdown: 42 percent of women chose “pets,” followed by “sex” (27 percent), “food” (19 percent) and “shopping” (5 percent). Men, bless their hearts, didn’t even make the list. www.bcg.com/survey

Top 10 Dog Towns
Life’s good for American pups. They’re part of the family. So naturally dog-friendly cities are becoming more attractive to pet people. So which cities have the best weather, dog parks and open green spaces for canine companions? Check out the recent survey results from Us News & World Report with the “10 Best Places to Live for Pet Lovers.”


Headed off to college? Not until you peruse Petside’s list of top dog-friendly colleges. www.petside.com/pet-friendly

It’s Raining Pets
It’s part of the American dream – the home, the family, the pets. In fact, 71.4 million U.S. households (that’s 62%) own at least one pet according to the 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey from the American Pet Products Association (APPA). And get this: that’s a boost of 12 percent in just ten years and it shows that pet ownership is at it’s all-time high. Don’t tell Rover, but when it comes to the top pet choice, dogs takes second place. Pet cats hold court at 93.6 million versus 77.5 million for dogs. For all the pet stats and much more on American pet-keeping, stop by the ohmidog blog.


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