Some dogs are simply brainier than others. See the list of smartest dogs by breed — and those with mixed breeds, get out your calculators!

For someone who chases his tail all day, “genius” may be too big a word. But just like us, some dogs are simply brainier than others. And what do we care? Give us the unconditional love and someone to curl up on the couch with and we’re set. In any case, PetMD’s got the list of the top pup brains by breed (those with mixed breeds, get out your calculators). But don’t worry if your dog didn’t make the list. As it turns out, he was out of town on testing day, probably partying with the mutts and other canine einsteins who didn’t make the list.

Top Ten Smartest Dog Breeds

Check out the goody-four-paws who scored big on PetMD’s Top Ten Smartest Dog Breeds:

#10. Australian Cattle Dog

#9. Rottweiler

#8. Papillon

#7. Labrador Retriever

#6. Shetland Sheepdog

#5. Doberman Pinscher

#4. Golden Retriever

#3. German Shepard

#2. Poodle

#1. Border Collie

For all of the fascinating facts on the brightest beasts that make the Top Ten, check out the entire article from PetMD. Then, take your furry Mensa member out for a walk before he returns to more weighty matters (like getting the squeaker out of his newest toy).

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Originally published January 2011; reviewed and updated November 2016.