Just as parents deliberate over choosing the right name for their new baby, a great deal of care is given when a new pet is named. After all, pet parents don’t want other dogs teasing their pup about his name at the dog park, the name must suit the dog’s personality, and naturally, it should have a nice ring when paired with his or her last name.

To jumpstart your short list of pet names, check out the link below from Parents.com. You’ll find many ideas to help you choose the perfect name for your fur family member — from names related to your pet’s looks, special traits and breed or heritage, to your hobbies or favorite books or movies. And you’ll find naming tips, such as avoiding a name that rhymes with the word ‘no’ (for instance, Bo, Beau and Mo) and choosing a shorter name to make it easier to hold your dog’s attention during training.

In addition, take a look at the top adoptable pet names for 2010 from Petfinder.com. For the fourth consecutive year in a row, Buddy takes the top spot for dogs and Lucy was again was the top name for cats. Interestingly enough,  some top names appear in the top ten for both dogs and cats.

2010 Most Popular Dog Names

1. Buddy
2. Max
3. Daisy
4. Bella
5. Lucy
6. Jack
7. Molly
8. Charlie
9. Sadie
10. Rocky

2010 Most Popular Cat Names

1. Lucy
2. Midnight
3. Bella
4. Molly
5. Smokey
6. Tiger
7. Oreo
8. Max
9. Princess
10. Charlie

Petfinder.com also provided a list of 2010’s most popular celebrity pet names. Petfinder.com’s co-founder Betsy Banks Saul says that besides being entertaining, unusual and pop-culture names also serve a deeper purpose. “We often hear that adoptable pets get more attention both online and in the shelter when they have interesting names, so we encourage as much creativity as possible!”


2010’s Most Popular Celebrity Pet Names

1. Elvis
2. Houdini
3. Cher
4. Madonna
5. Twiggy
6. Oprah
7. Lady Gaga
8. Beyonce
9. Coco Chanel
10. Shakira


The Scoop:

Find great ideas to generate a short list of perfect names for your new pet.

Find a new addition for your family at Petfinder.com.


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