Major League Baseball season is in full swing, and that means it’s time to get your dog ready to root, root, root for the home team! Get tickets to your local team’s Dog Day Game, the very best games of the entire season.

When else can you get out to the ballpark and cheer on your team with your furry best friend by your side, and maybe even enjoy a hot dog together?

At these special events, you and your pup will sit in a special section just for dogs and take part in all kinds of activities like pre-game parades around the field, costume contests, special treats and more. And even better, many of ballparks donate a portion of ticket proceeds to local animal charities.

Get your tickets now since they are often limited in number and go quickly. Know you’ll need the Dog Day tickets, not General Admission tickets so you can have access to the designated section and events; also be certain that your dog is comfortable with noise, crowds, and other dogs so he or she enjoys the day.

Below are listings to date for all Major League Baseball teams – you’ll see the games listed within the 2012 Promotional Schedule at your team’s official website. While some dates have passed, they’re included as well. Minor League teams often have Dog Day Games also so check for those too, or even initiate your own event with a club or company team.


If your dog wants to skip the game this year, but still show his or her allegiance to your favorite team, find official licensed gear for your dog for all of the teams – caps, bandana, collars and leashes, id tags, and more at online stores such as, and

Woof Reporter Larry (photographed enjoying a bully stick) gives four paws up to the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants and gets plenty of compliments on his Giants collar and leash when he’s out and about around the city!

Major League Baseball 2012 Dog Days Games

San Francisco Giants – Dog Days of Summer

Sat, Aug 25 vs. Atlanta Braves

** According to a Giants rep, details about the game are not on the Giants website to ensure people purchase the special Dog Days tickets, and all tickets must be purchased through the mail. Download the ticket order from the SF Giants.

Oakland Athletics – 7th Annual Dog Day at The Park

Thur, July 15 vs. New York Yankees

Atlanta Braves – Bark in the Park

Sun, Apr 15 vs. Brewers
Sun, Sep 16 vs. Nationals

Chicago White Sox – Dog Day

Wed, May 23 vs. Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox – Dog Day

Wed, May 23 vs. Twins
Wed, Sep 26 vs. Indians

Washington Nationals – Pups in the Park

Sat, April 21st vs. Miami Marlins
Sat, June 2th vs. Atlanta Braves
Sat, July 7th vs. Colorado Rockies
Sat, September 22nd vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Cleveland Indians – Puppypalooza

Wed, May 16 vs. Mariners
Wed, Aug. 29 vs. Athletics

New York Mets – Bark in the Park

Sat, Apr 21 vs. Giants

Pittsburgh Pirates – Pup Nightk

Tue, Apr 24 vs. Rockies
Tue, May 22 vs. Mets
Tue, June 19 vs. Twins
Tue, Jul 24 vs. Cubs
Tue, Aug 7 vs. Diamondbacks
Tue, Aug 28 vs. Cardinals
Tue, Sept 18 vs. Brewers
Tue, Oct 2 vs. Braves

Cincinnati Reds – Bark in the Park

Mon, Sep 10 vs. Phillies

Houston Astros – Dog Day

Sun, May 6 vs. Cardinals
Sun, Sep 16 vs. Phillies

LA Dodgers – Bark in the Park

Sat, May 26 vs. Astros

Texas Rangers – Bark in the Park

Tue, May 15 vs. Royals

San Diego – Dog Days of Summer

Tue, Jul 17 vs. Astros

Kansas City Royals – Bark at the K

Sun, May 20 vs. Diamondbacks

St. Louis Cardinals – Purina Pooches in the Ballpark

Sat, June 16 vs Royals

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Thank you to jrubinic on flickr for the photo of the Mets fan at the team’s Dogs Days Game.