Woof Report is back – thank you for reading and sticking with us!

If you’re a regular Woof Report reader, you may have heard the news that Woof Report was on an extended summer break.  And that’s because Larry (woof) and Ted (meow), and my husband and I welcomed a new and non-fur member to our family – a baby girl!

Samantha (pictured above with Larry) was born in September, and who knew it would be so hard to find time to write about dogs with a new baby in the house? Now that the entire family is sleeping through the night (with the exception of Ted, who demands daily 3am Fancy Feast feedings), Woof Report is back!

With new dog advice, news, and fun finds collected over the past five months to share, look for many new tips coming soon, along with a Holiday Gift Guide. And while the weekly newsletters won’t resume quite yet, they’ll be back soon.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you and your pups are doing well!

The Scoop:

Samantha is sure to be a dog lover, so her t-shirt and cozy blanket are necessities! I bought them from the wonderful Etsy shop, The Lab, a store Larry’s a fan of as well!