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The latest from Woof Report about where we’ve been, what’s up with our dog email newsletters and news about our updated website. Thanks for reading!

It’s hard to believe it was just over one year ago that the Woof Report daily email newsletters came to an end. After sending hundreds of daily tips and gaining a loyal (and much appreciated) following, and stretching our budget to the limit along the way, the Woof Report team went their separate ways.

As the Woof Report founder, I couldn’t leave my beloved ‘pet project’ behind. I continued to find useful dog care and training tips, practical dog products, interesting dog news, and ideas for having fun with my own dog – things that I wanted to share…so Woof Report is back!

While you’ll notice some changes from the old Woof, the premise remains the same:  to bring you the very best for your fur family and to improve the lives of our best friends.

Here’s a quick peek at what’s new with Woof Report:

Woof Report is now a Weekly Newsletter

It will feature one tip and links to others added to the site during the week prior, and more – including a Top Dog of the Week from the photos you submit. Look for the newsletter in your inbox each Friday!

Woof Report has a New Site

If you are reading this – this already know it!  Find 350+ dog care, training and other tips in the Tip Archives. You can comment and rate tips now too, and share them easily. And you’ll still find our Adopt a Dog directory, Links We Love and more.

There’s a new Woof Report Friends Gallery too, so be sure to submit your dog’s photo. You’ll need to Register to submit a photo (and unfortunately, the old gallery could not be moved to the new site), but now photos will be added to the site the very same day they’re submitted.

Stay tuned for new features and resources coming soon to the site as well.

So Now What?

Please register on the site so you can add your pup’s photo to the site, participate in the Dog Talk Forum or Submit a Tip. And as always, share your great ideas and any feedback you have for Woof Report. You can reply to any weekly email you receive or contact me through the site.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Woof Report, and find the site and emails to be even more useful than before.

With best wishes to you and to your dogs,

Thank you to Treesa and The Colonel for the photo from flickr.