The Woof Reporters thought and thought about how we’d break the news, and then decided, we’re just going to say it. After hundreds of tips, Facebook postings, and daily emails for and from our devoted readers, Woof Report’s shoestring budget has been stretched to its limit, so we will no longer publish our daily tips. Like so many small companies these days, our beloved Woof Report must scale back dramatically due to financial reasons. But alas, there’s still hope. We plan to bounce back to your inbox better than ever as our economy improves.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy our Tip Archives with 350+ dog care, training and other tips as well as access to all the other goodies at our site from the Woof Report Friends pages with 5,000+ smiling pooches (maybe yours), and Shelter and Rescue Listings to Dog Owner Tools and Links We Love. And please, join us on Facebook or Twitter where we’ll keep you posted on the latest dispatches from the dog world and Woof Report.

When we look back, it’s clear that Woof Report thrived thanks to your fur family photos, smart tip ideas, and regular comments. And, of course, by telling us how you’ve enjoyed Woof Report and passing it along to your fellow pet people – you made it all worthwhile.

It’s with sincere thanks and heavy heart that we sign off for now. We hope you and your dog have enjoyed Woof Report as much as we have loved creating it for you.

Best wishes to you and your fur family,

Stacey, Manolo, Sue and Nina