Dear Woof Report Readers,

I want to share some exciting news with you, which will explain why you won’t see Woof Report weekly newsletters in your email inbox during the next few months. Woof Reporters Larry (woof) and Ted (meow), and my husband and I will soon be adding a non-fur member to our family – a baby girl!

While our new addition will be an adjustment for Larry in particular, we’ve informed him it will just be a matter of time before he has his own personal mini ball thrower. And in time, both of ‘our boys’ will discover they’ll have yet another family member to shower them with love (and surely many kisses too).

While you won’t see Woof Report in your inbox for a few months, please continue to visit the website, where new articles will be posted, and a new Top Dog of the Week will be featured (it’s always hard to choose just one a week!). Also continue to access Woof Report’s Tip Archives, with 450+ dog care, training and other tips, plus other goodies at the site too. There’s the Woof Report Friends Gallery with 500+ smiling pooches (maybe yours), Dog Owner Resources, Links We Love, Adopt-a-Dog-Directory with shelter and rescue listings, and much more.

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Thank you for reading Woof Report – and as always, for your kind notes, and for sharing photos and a little about your fabulous dogs on the website.

With best wishes to you and to your dogs,



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Thank you to Lisa on flickr for the photo of Rudy.