Summer is in full swing, so make a plan to get out-and-about with your dog for an adventure! Read on and try something new, like visiting a winery, attending a baseball game or whipping up a batch of homemade Frosty Paws.

Find you and your dog’s favorite activity below and feel free to add your suggestions in the Comments section. If you have tips and photos of your pup in action to share, send them to woof (at) Thanks!

1. Take in the Sights

Play tourist in your own city or elsewhere. Dogs are allowed at more places than you may think, and at all kinds of outdoor monuments and points of interest. Canoe with your pup in Mendocino, CA, take a self-guided walking tour of Hollywood stars’ homes in LA, hop aboard a Windjammer Cruise in Bar Harbor, ME, get up-close to the Golden Gate bridge with a stroll at Crissy Field in San Francisco or walk the historic Freedom Trail in Boston. Find local dog-friendly attractions at and

2. Dogs Welcome at Local Pools with Dog Swim Day


Indulge your dog in a local Dog Swim Day if you’re lucky enough to find one in your area. What are Dog Swim Days? They’re the one or two days each year when public pools close for the season and dogs take over the pool. Many include contests, games and more, and typically charge a small fee to benefit local animal shelters. Read all about puptastic Dog Swim Days and find out if there’s one in your area.
Thank you to for the photo taken at the annual event in Parker, Colorado.

3. Reinvent Your Dog as a Library Dog

With the pipsqueaks in your family, extended family and the neighborhood kids heading back to school soon, why not set up a doggie reading hour to help improve their skills. Learn how a child’s reading skills improve when they read to dogs, and get ideas at While you’re at the site, check out the listing of books by dog breed if you’d like to personalize the reading session to your pup, As for your dog, who wouldn’t enjoy a shady spot, lots of attention, and story time?

4. Hit the Trail

Want to stay fit and bond with your dog? Try hiking together! She’ll love the nose-to-ground tracking and picking up the little critter scents, and you’ll be exercising without even realizing it. Check out Woof Report’s past tip, Hit the Hiking Trails With Your Dog, for hiking tips and to find a pup-friendly trail near you.

5. Visit a Vineyard

Would your dog prefer a Cab or Pinot? Of course, he just wants water, but he’d still love to visit a winery with you. Many wineries welcome dogs on their grassy grounds and offer pup-perfect spots for picnicking. Find dog-friendly wineries in California with The Wine Institute’s handy list, or search online for them in your area. Many wineries even have dog-friendly events for pups and their people – see a sampling and sources for local dog-friendly wineries across the country in Woof Report’s past tip, Wineries are Going to the Dogs.
Thank you to Kira Stackhouse from Nuena Photography for the photo.

6. Catch a Show

Pack a blanket, some snacks, and a bottle of wine (water and a bowl for you-know-who) and sit back and enjoy the show! Film nights light up local parks all around the country, from New York City’s Bryant Park to Chicago’s Grant Park, and parks around the San Francisco Bay Area as do concerts in the park.

7. Take Your Best Shot

Plan a photo shoot for your dog now, and come holiday season, you’ll be set with photos for holiday cards and photo gifts. Pick a gorgeous day to pose your pup, choose a familiar location and shoot the scene, or have a friend take some of you with your dog. Bring your dog’s toys and whatever you do, don’t forget the treats! And why not create a beautiful photo book to showcase your dog’s good looks while you’re at it?

8. Take Pup Out to the Ballgame

Don’t miss your team’s Dog Day Baseball games! Get out to the ballpark, cheer on your team with your furry best friend by your side and even enjoy a hot dog together. See Woof Report’s post, Dogs Welcome at MLB Dog Days Baseball Games for the full 2017 MLB schedule of Dog Day games or check with your minor league or local teams.
Thank you to rockbandit on flickr for the photo of Benson at the Oakland A’s Bark in the Park dog baseball game.

9. Hit the Open Road

Pick your destination and get out of town with your pup. Just you, your dog and the vacation you both deserve. Search for pet-friendly hotel accommodations at and or find your next overnight on Airbnb or VRBO, both of which let you filter to find pet-friendly pads.

10. Unleash Your Dog’s Inner Artist

Well, really – your inner artist with your dog’s assistance. Check out this easy DIY paw print wall art tutorial. You could also teach your dog to paint, just like Dog-vinci (for real).

11. SUP with your PUP

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is getting more popular each year and bringing your dog along for the ride offers a new way to enjoy the water together. You can do it in oceans, lakes or rivers, and it’s for dogs of all ages and sizes that love the water and even those that don’t. Learn more about SUP with your dog, how to get started, and tips. Don’t forget the doggie life-jacket!
Thank you to Jim Mullhaupt on flickr for the photo.

12. Drive-In and Catch a Flick

Movies are not necessarily off limits to dogs (and babies), you just need to know where to go. If your area doesn’t offer outdoor film screenings during the summer months, head to the drive-in! Pack some snacks and snuggle up with your pup and enjoy the show. Check out to find a theater near you; the site includes an up-to-date and searchable database of over 300 theaters.

13. Ruff it

Take to the hills on a dog-friendly weekend camping trip. Pitch a pup tent or go car camping. National camping resort chains like KOA and Jellystone are dog-friendly as are many private campgrounds and national forests. Rules for state parks vary, so check them out before you go. Learn more at
Thank you to Keith Daly on flickr for the photo of Hudson.

14. Bake From Scratch

Pick a recipe and pamper your pup with a homemade surprise. Doesn’t your dog deserve some of your home cooking? Find recipes in the Woof Report Feasts & Treats tip category. Most recipes are quick and simple, and if you’re not the greatest baker, it’s a pretty good bet your dog is forgiving!

15. Sprinklers

Turn on the sprinklers and cool off your hot dog with an easy game of fetch through the water. Invite the neighborhood dogs and become the go-to spot on your street.

16. Take a Class or Teach a New Trick

No need to wait until Back to School time. Summer’s the perfect time to take a class or teach your pup a new trick (Woof Report’s favorite: Teach Your Dog How to Give Kisses). Check in with your local SPCA for classes in flyball, agility, nose tracking and more, or maybe your dog can just use a refresher on basic manners. There’s a class out there for you two and you’ll enjoy the bonding time as much as she will.

17. Indoor Fun

While the summer’s the best time to be outdoors, sometimes it’s just too hot for your dog to play outside. If that’s the case, check out Woof Report’s past tip, Indoor Games Your Pup Will Love, featuring six fun games perfect for inside your home and Fun Indoor Games That Teach Too. Also, check out the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher or Balls for indoor fetch. Just like the classic ChuckIt! launchers, but with soft balls or ‘donuts’ that won’t dent furniture or break windows.

18. Cool a Hot Dog

Check out Woof Report’s past posts for tasty ideas to indulge your pup and keep her cool. Whip up a batch of homemade Frosty Paws or Pupsicles (so easy) or create a DIY frozen ice treat. For the latter, fill a dog bowl or larger container with an inch of water and a few treats (try fresh apple slices, carrots, and dog biscuits). Freeze the bowl and repeat until the bowl is filled with layers of treats in ice. As the ice melts, your dog enjoys treats and cool water.
Thank you to Sue, Casey & Alex for the photo of Festis

19. Plan a Fido Friday or Whine Wednesday Get Together

Invite neighbors you pass each day while walking your dog or fellow dog park peeps to a weekly happy hour in your front yard or at the park. Local dog resources and pet papers can also point the way to dog groups you’ll enjoy. Socialize with your dog — isn’t that what best friends do best?

20. Show Up with Pup

Check out local resources for upcoming doggie events in your area this summer. There’s the 12th Annual Cardiff Dog Days of Summer in September in Encinitas, CA, the 12th annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Dog Surfing Competition in September in Del Mar, CA, and the CS Barks Dog Festival in September in Carol Stream, IL, just to name a few. The best part about these events, aside from enjoying them with your dog, nearly all benefit animal shelters and humane societies in your community. Consider other outdoor art, wine, and other festivals where dogs are welcome too.

21. Hit the (Dog-Friendly) Beach

Find dog-friendly off-leash beaches nearby and go! Let your dog run wild, bring Frisbees and balls for fetch, whatever you like. Just remember to pack plenty of water, a towel, and an umbrella or dog cabana for instant shade whenever you need it. Your car will get super sandy – it’s unavoidable but worth it.
Thank you to JSmith831 on flickr for the photo.

22. See Dogs Fly

Check out dock diving, a fun sport in which dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes compete to see who can jump the longest or highest distance into a pool from a dock or raised platform. You and your pup can choose to compete together or simply enjoy the action as spectators. Find events near you at any of the three national dock diving organizations: DockDogs, Splash Dogs, and Ultimate Air.

23. Clean Up the Pup

Pick a gray day for your doggie’s home spa treatment. Start with a sudsy bath, followed by ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a doggie massage and ear rub. Then pop his bedding into the washer and get the grime off his dirty toys for the full makeover. While you’re at it, pull out those toys you thought your dog would love and he never used and drop them off at your local shelter!

24. Splash Around

Spring for a kiddie pool, or even a collapsible dog pool that doubles as a bath tub for under $30 (and have it in two days, Amazon Primers). You can even find a paw-shaped pool made just for dogs to set up in the yard. Then, pull up a poolside lounge, a cool drink and call it day. Your dog will love it as much as you do.
Thank you to Chris on flickr for the photo.

25. ‘Bone Apetite’ Alfresco

Search for restaurants in your area with outdoor patios and enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner, and anything in between with your fuzzy pal or pick a date and organize a dog-friendly picnic with other pup people.

26. Hit the Mall

Most outdoor shopping centers welcome dogs, as do many stores in those malls — and your dog’s already making plans to dine at the food court. While you’re there, check out the new fall fashions with your furry stylist.
Woof Reporter, Larry, visiting Banana Republic and not sure he should really be there.

27. Mix it Up With Your Mutt

Check out a new neighborhood in your city or head out for a day trip somewhere close by. Go for a walk, try a new outdoor cafe and stop by the neighborhood pet store for a new toy and treats. What a great way to spend the day with your fur family member.

Final Reminders

There are so many excellent outdoor activities for you and your dog to enjoy. Just remember that just like us, dogs can overheat, dehydrate, even sunburn on the hot days. So it’s always best to schedule activities before or after the sun’s peak hours and pack along lots of fresh cool water and pup-approved sunblock.

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Thank you to Hugh Honeyman Fuller on flickr for the photo.