Remember your not-so-secret-admirer this Valentine’s Day with a little something from the heart. Read our easy ideas for showing your love.

Since the box of chocolates is definitely out, we’ve drummed up a list of surprises you can give to your dog today or anytime to treat your pup and deepen your connection.

1. Play Together

What does your dog love? You know better than anyone, but we’re guessing it’s playtime with you. Get outside for a long game of fetch and then gather up his favorite toys and play hide and seek and tug of war. You get the idea, play and give your dog your undivided attention. See Woof Report’s tips for fun indoor games you can play together on rainy or snowy days.

2. Treat Your Dog

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little treat and your dog will love something you make just for her. Considering you like ice cream all year long, don’t wait for the summer to whip up a batch of Frosty Paw, make them today. Find our easy Frosty Paws recipe here. It uses just four ingredients you may already have on hand: yogurt, a banana, peanut butter, and honey. If you’re in the baking mode, search online for all kinds of other quick and easy homemade treat ideas.

3. Walk with a Purpose

Get outdoors and take a long walk together with one goal — let your dog sniff whatever she pleases and have her take as long as she wants. Depending on your dog, this may take some patience, but your dog will love it!

4. Indulge Your Dog With Ear Rubs

Although the way to your dog’s heart is through her stomach (and spending time with you!), there’s a good chance it’s also through her ears. You’ve seen the signs when you rub your dog’s ears, her eyes close in contentment, and she may even groan and fall asleep. It’s your soft touch and also all the nerves present in your dog’s ears. When you rub your dog’s ears, endorphins, which are the natural ‘feel good’ hormones, are released and relax and calm your dog.

5. Two Words: New Toys!

Head to the pet store with your dog and let him peruse the aisles and choose his own gift. Let him give the toys a little sniff, give them a squeak, and see what he thinks. Once your dog makes a selection, choose another for him and make it something novel. If you always stick with squeaky plush toys, get a puzzle toy. If your dog loves tennis balls, get him those that squeak. If you take a chance and it’s not for your dog, share it with a friend or donate it.

6. Make it a Dog Day

Check out a new neighborhood in your city or head out for a day trip somewhere close by. Go for a walk, try a new outdoor cafe, and stop by the neighborhood pet store for a little surprise. What a great way to spend the day with your fur family member.

7. Primp Your Pup

Help your dog feel refreshed with a winter cleaning session. Schedule a trip to the groomer for a wash and trim, or set up your own dog spa. Low maintenance dogs can enjoy a good brushing session followed by belly rubs and petting.

8. Help a Shelter

Donate to your favorite shelter or rescue in your dog’s name. Not all pets are as lucky as yours, so help pets in need by donating money, goods, or your time (your dog will be happy to share you for a good cause).