For busy beasts with a taste for furniture legs and shoes, may we suggest a more suitable substitute? Perhaps a delectable medley of peanut butter, kibble and cookie served in the classic Kong?

This peanut butter combo is just the standard recipe, of course (though always a doggie delight). The world-famous Kong toy serves up everything from cream cheese to frozen pumpkin puree in its bouncy-fun style. Find the filling that your pup will love from these Kong-worthy options in different textures. Be sure to alternate recipes so your dog will find the same toy interesting over and over again — and not just because it contains some kind of food.

Soft Fillings

Don’t make him work too hard. Spread the peanut butter, cream cheese or other good stuff on the outside and inside of the Kong for instant gratification, but know these won’t keep him occupied for too long.

Hard Fillings

Challenge your pup to work for his treats. Stuff dog biscuits inside the hollow center or between the ridges on the outer side. Your dog will take awhile to free the treats and will be so busy he won’t have time to whine when you slip out the door.

Combo Fillings

Mix it up by layering the goodies. First stuff in the soft fillings, then hard ones, repeating until the Kong is packed with treats. Let your pup keep working to see what’s next.

Freeze it!

To make the most of your pup’s Kong experience, consider freezing the stuffed Kong before serving. Providing the longest pup entertainment value, plus the joy of licking the thawing toy, frozen Kongs are the ultimate pupsicle. Just watch where you serve them; leaking Kongs can melt into a mess on the carpet or crate.

And a friendly reminder: With all of the stuffed Kongs you spoil your dog with, adjust his normal diet as needed to avoid weight gain.

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Originally published November 2010; reviewed and updated January 2017.