Gain insight into how pets influence holiday travel from a pet travel survey — and find links to our handy Dog Packing and PetSitter Checklists.

If you’re like most pet people, your pets greatly influence your holiday travel plans. Whether it’s the distance you travel, the length of your stay or how you get there, the well being of your pets is high up on the list of considerations. And of course it is, they’re your family!

Last month’s Holiday Pet Travel Survey from confirms you’re not alone in planning travel around your pets. More than 7,000 pet owners worldwide were surveyed, and 85% said that their pets influence the amount of time they’re willing to travel over the holidays. And of those that travel with pets, 85% said their pets influence how far they’ll travel for a holiday vacation and not surprisingly, where they’ll stay.

Survey finding show…

  • Sixty-three percent of pet owners say they travel at least 50 miles with their pets during the holidays.
  • Of pet owners who travel with pets, 71% choose to travel within their state of residence during the holidays.
  • When traveling with pets during the holidays, 42% of pet owners listed making sure their pets don’t become stressed as their biggest challenge. Finding pet-friendly transportation or airlines was the second biggest challenge (28%) for travelers.
  • A third of respondents said they stay at pet-friendly hotels during their holiday travel and 66% stay at the home of friends or family.
  • Of those who travel with pets during the holidays, nearly all of them indicated they only travel with dogs. (If you have a cat in the family, this is an obvious one).
  • When asked why they choose to travel with their pets, 71% pet owners said it was “because pets are part of the family and should be with the rest of the family during holiday occasions.” (Awwww)

Whether you’re traveling with your dog, checking your pup into a posh pet hotel or a kennel or a petsitter is taking over while you’re away, Woof Report has you covered.

Visit our Dog Owner Resources to grab the handy lists detailed below:

Dog Packing List. If you’re traveling with your pup, download Woof Report’s Dog Packing List, it’s complete with everything your dog needs to stay safe and cozy while away from home. Ensure you’re prepared before leaving town, and then Bone Voyage!

Pet Sitter Checklist. If your pup is home for the holidays and you’re away, download and complete WoofReport’s Pet Sitter Checklist for your pet sitter or dog boarding facility so they can learn all about your pup and provide the very best care.

The Scoop:

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Visit Woof Report’s Dog Owner Resources section for the Dog Packing List and PetSitter Checklist

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Originally published November 2010; reviewed and updated December 2016.