It’s Halloween eve and your dog doesn’t have a costume! Quick, get out a white sheet and some scissors for a classic ghost costume you can make in minutes – and best of all, no sewing required!

Thanks to Cerena Zutis from CZ Training and her adorable models, Little Guy (pictured) and Mariah, we’ve got the details for this famous trick or treat disguise. Follow along:

What You Need:

  • A sheet, preferably flannel because it stays in place on its own
  • Scissors
  • A plastic pumpkin treat bucket or a pumpkin dog toy
  • A doggie trick or treater

How To:

Cutting the holes in the right place is key to the costume and the muzzle (face) hole is the most important. Size it correctly to keep the costume in place on your dog. Too big and the whole costume will slide back too far.

Next, work on the eye and ear holes. Make all holes a little smaller than you think they need to be — you can always cut more fabric if necessary, but you can’t add it back on. Place the costume over your dog, muzzle first and smooth it over his back. The costume can be attached to your dog in some way, but that prevents it from flowing nicely, so you may just want to stop your dog and adjust the drape of the costume as needed.

Lastly, put the pumpkin bucket handle in your dog’s mouth for a laugh from door to door. Keep in mind that this last step is likely the hardest part of the costume, so just having him hold a toy pumpkin would certainly also work – and need we say, make your pup look just as adorable.

Of course, some dogs will be fine with a costume covering their bodies, and others will not. Use your discretion on the sheet size of whether your dog would prefer simply wearing that beautiful furry costume he wears year-round.

dog ghost costume

The Scoop:

Little Guy and Mariah modeling their costumes

Little Guy’s Halloween Trick

Thank you to Cerena Zutis from CZ Training, Little Guy and Mariah for the tip, originally published in 2008.

At that time, Cerena also shared the following from Little Guy!