Every dog owner knows the vital importance of ID tags, but why stop with the standard name plate? Customize your pet’s tag with something unique that reflects his or her personality.

Unexpected gifts at unexpected times – it’s what keeps the passion alive. Nobody knows this better than your dog. Not that she’s complaining over the treat-for-trick routine. But would it kill you to mix things up? How about a bit of bling after all these years? We know you’re looking for that little something. Fetching Tags can help.

We have to admit, we were sold at the company name. Fetching Tags definitely lives up to it. Thanks to its owner, whose very name was selected by her family dog (true story, read all about it on company site), there’s a lightweight, doggie durable tag for every pup personality. Maybe yours is a “Hound of Love,” on the “Squirrel Patrol” or a “Ball Junkie.” Perhaps you share your home with a “Love Sponge” or a “Bed Warmer.” You’ll find your dog’s ultimate ID from a line-up of 60 hilarious options. And if not, you can write your own that captures the very essence of your pup. Fetching Tags will even customize yours with your dog’s name, phone number, and an optional heart, ball, paw, bone or star icon. Just choose a size and any of four classic tag shapes, and your hand-stamped tag is ready for your “Furry Angel.”

Don’t Forget the Cat

Heck, why not get one for the cat too. If she’s anything like ours, she’d swear off mice for a “Talk to the Paw” tag. Play your cards right and she’d never even know that a portion of her tag proceeds support rescue organizations for dogs. She’ll just keep cat-walking around the house like a “Super Model,” wishing that she were an “Only Child.”

The Scoop: 

Find your unexpected gift at the Fetching Tags website. Order online or see the listing of retail stores where you’ll find them. Choose from three sizes and four shapes, $30 each.

For ideas for your dog’s tag, visit the gallery of dogs wearing their special creations.

Photo of the very handsome Clay courtesy of Fetching Tags.