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Your Dog’s Springtime Checklist

Prepare your dog for the upcoming change in season with this springtime checklist with dog care advice to keep your buddy happy and healthy. Finally, the glorious spring season is upon us – warmer weather and sunshine are here or…

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Teach Dog to Give Kisses
Perfect Petiquette

Teach Your Dog to Give Kisses

Read on for instructions to teach your dog to give kisses (actually, less slobbery nose taps). This adorable trick is easy to learn and will melt hearts everywhere! It’s crazy, but some people just don’t like dogs. So as dedicated…

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Dog and halloween choolate
K9 Care

What To Know About Dogs and Chocolate

You’ve heard chocolate is bad for dogs, but exactly how much chocolate is bad for dogs? Are some types of chocolate more dangerous than others? Find out why chocolate can be harmful, and what to do if your dog eats chocolate….

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