It’s almost too awful to even think about. What if your dog got lost? At Woof Report, we believe in planning for the worst but expecting the best. So in the spirit of responsible pet care, we’ve scoped out new services to help in your search for lost pets – and a link to bookmark with plenty of useful search ideas. We hope you never have to use these, but if you do – that they’ll help bring your pets back home at last.

If one of these services is right for you, be sure you use it in conjunction with the tried and true methods for finding lost pets like visiting shelters and veterinary clinics, scouring the neighborhood, and hanging flyers. Be sure to microchip your pet too; for more information, see our Microchipping Tip.

Hire This amazing new nationwide service calls homes in the vicinity of your lost pet and plays a pre-recorded phone message describing your loved one. Prices start at $125 for 500 calls and includes adding your pet’s photo to their website to aid in recovery. has reunited over 800 pets with their people since its launch in 2008. We love this concept (and the fact that calls can be made in minutes of placing your order) and would welcome a call, even a robo call, to help bring a lost pet home. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way; these types of calls are illegal in California and restricted in many states, so make sure the service is available in your area before signing on.

Logon to This service works with the AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) organization, the largest non-profit pet microchip service, and goes one step further in using your pet’s microchip number to bring him home. With a lifetime membership fee of $99.99 (or $19.99 annually), you create a customized web page to include and maintain your pet’s photo, a detailed description and emergency contact information. If your pet is lost, helpmefindMYPET immediately emails or faxes a poster of your pet and information to all members, shelter groups, veterinary clinics, groomers, trainers, pet supply retailers, and shops that are up to a 50-mile radius of where your pet was last seen. The service reports a 87% success rate vs. 13-15% for lost pets returned due to microchipping alone. 

Email an Amber Alert for Pets. Join over 30,000 pet parents in six states who pledge to help each other find lost pets through email. Upon joining and paying a lifetime membership fee of $19.95, members receive lost pet emails and help in the search to bring furry friends home. If your state is one of those serviced, give it try as long as you’re willing to return the favor.


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