If you’re planning to be home for the holidays this year, it’s time to plan your best staycation yet. Participate in Petfinder.com’s “Sponsor a Lonely Pet for the Holidays” program, and welcome an adoptable shelter pet into your home this month.


Petfinder.com is where you can search adoptable pets from over 13,000 adoption groups, and now it’s also where you can find the more than 2,000 shelters and rescue organizations participating in this 2nd annual holiday foster program. The program was inspired by Greg Kincaid’s book and movie called “A Dog Named Christmas,” in which a young man embarks on a plan to convince his family and the entire community to participate in a local animal shelter’s ‘Adopt a Dog for Christmas Program.’


By taking part in the “Sponsor a Lonely Pet for the Holidays” program, you’ll help shelters that are short staffed over the holidays and give volunteer foster parents a chance to take time away. And there’s much more – you’ll get answers to questions that most dog people have:   How would my dog feel about having another dog in our home? Would my dog get along with a cat? (Shelter cats need homes for the holidays too!) And for those without a pet, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn if you’re ready for one.


The biggest reward in fostering is the unconditional love you’ll receive and the opportunity to brighten a homeless pet’s holiday season. And by fostering and providing a pet with much needed attention and love, you’ll help to socialize him or her and improve adoption options. And who knows, you just may give your foster pet the best holiday gift of all – a new forever home!


What are you waiting for? Take a look at the links below and learn more about this wonderful program. Contact participating shelters and rescues and they’ll answer your questions about fostering and find the perfect pet match for your family. There’s no better way to celebrate the season than to give back to animals and make a shelter pet’s holiday season!


The Scoop:

Visit Petfinder.com to find a shelter or rescue participating in the “Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays” Program.


Visit Petfinder.com’s “Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays” Facebook page.


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The photo above is of Lupe who is available from RescueAllDogs.org in Seattle, WA.