Due to age, appearance or stigma around dog breeds, some dogs in shelters simply aren’t as popular as others. Find out how to help a less adoptable pet find a forever home.

Did you ever notice that grade school politics never seem to end? Even the pet world has its popular cliques and cool breeds. It’s true. A Petfinder.com shelter survey confirmed that 96% of shelters have pets that experience “extreme difficulty” finding homes. And over 40% have pets that have been living in the shelter for up to two years!

Survey Against Old Age

The survey also found that old age is the greatest obstacle a pet faces in getting adopted, followed by health problems, shyness, and being “too large,” while breed and color also rank high on the list. That’s why Petfinder.com named today, August 12th the very first “Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet” day.

For anyone who was picked last in dodge ball (the WoofReporters know something about that), this is your big day. So rise up and join paws with the big black dogs, the FIV+ cats, and the senior shelter pets that get picked last too. Now’s your chance help these lovable pets find the forever homes they deserve just as much as the other pets. And just like that dorky drama geek, they just may become coolest cats (and dogs) around.

Here are just some of the pros of picking a less adoptable pet. Of course, the biggest benefit of all is the love you’ll receive from these pets as thanks for the second chance you’ve given them.

List of Pros

  • Older pets are more mellow – they’re already house-trained, and those frightful puppy chewing days are over.
  • Shy pets or those with behavioral issues allow you to bond with them as you work together to improve their comfort level in their surroundings.
  • Dogs with “big black dog syndrome” and breeds that have been given a bad rap give you the opportunity to show others just how sweet and wonderful they truly are, and help turn the tide again breed and color prejudice.
  • Special needs pets will inspire you with their ability to overcome obstacles and live happily in the moment.
  • As for dogs that are simply “too large,” that’s easy – there’s just more to love! They are great protectors too.

Stop by Petfinder for more facts on less adoptable pets, widgets to help them find homes, amazing adoption stories and much more. Also, please spread the word about this special day!

The Scoop:

See Woof Report’s Past Tip with lots of ideas how you can help shelter pets.

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