Spring is here, and that means it’s time for the Grey Muzzle Organization’s fabulous annual campaign called “Flower Power for Senior Dogs.”

The campaign raises funds for homeless senior dogs in shelters and across the country and to participate, you simply purchase flower bulbs and plants from their fundraising Flower Power for Senior Dogs website.

Make a purchase by April 27, 2012, and a generous 50% of your total purchase will be donated directly to the Grey Muzzle Organization so they can continue their mission to assist homeless senior dogs. At the site, you’ll find popular flower bulbs like Begonias, Freesias, as well as June-bearing strawberries and other plants shipped in the form of bare root plants or root clumps. Stock up for your own garden and purchase Easter and Mother’s Day gifts.

What could be better:  help a senior dog bloom as you watch your garden bloom as well!

And thank goodness for the folks at The Grey Muzzle Organization. This wonderful non-profit is dedicated to improving the lives of senior dogs at animal shelters, the precious old souls that have been abandoned in their golden years or placed in shelters when their owners can no longer care for them or pass away. It’s heartbreaking to think about these sweet dogs that find it especially difficult to survive in shelters and are passed by when it comes to adoption.

The Grey Muzzle Organization is run entirely by volunteers in twenty-one states, and it focuses on funding for programs for senior dogs. All of their funding is obtained though donations, and examples of the programs they fund include medical assistance and beds for old dogs at shelters and rescues, in-home hospice care programs for senior dogs who are not adoptable, ‘Seniors for Seniors’ adoption programs, which helps senior citizens adopt senior dogs, and the creation of educational materials to encourage adoption and quality care of senior dogs.

Now that you know what The Grey Muzzle Organization is all about, it’s time to shop!


The Scoop:

Learn more about the Grey Muzzle Organization at their website, where you can also honor a cherished pet, donate an orthopedic bed for a shelter dog, and shop for fun pet items which all benefit the organization’s mission. While you’re there, learn about a new book, Your Dog’s Golden Years, dedicated to The Grey Muzzle Organization and whose sales support the organization.

Help senior dogs ‘blossom and bloom’ with your purchase from the “Flower Power for Senior Dogs” website. At the site, you can send a message to a friend about the campaign, or post a message about it on Facebook to help spread the word…every mention helps!


Thank you to Adam Sowers for the photo of Barkley.