Everyone wants to adopt a puppy and that means older dogs get left behind. Fortunately, the ASPCA and Petfinder have stepped up to mark November as Adopt a Senior Month!

In a culture obsessed with youth, even the dogs aren’t spared. It’s heartbreaking to consider the thousands of wonderful older dogs who are passed up at shelters for the spunk and charm of puppies. Maybe his Frisbee days are over or she’s done with the morning run, but older dogs can make excellent companions. So to help pups of a certain age find permanent, loving homes, the ASPCA and Petfinder.com mark November as Adopt-a-Senior Pet month.

In honor of this special month, Woof Report highlights the benefits of adopting an older dog. Aside from actually having more energy than your dog (no need for that fourth puppy walk today), older dogs make all-around excellent pets. They often end up in shelters because their people get too old to care for them or have passed away. The joy of sharing life with an older dog is easily overlooked with cute puppies drawing the crowds. But, mellow, wise old friends make easy companions without the trouble of housebreaking, training or chewed pillows and furniture.

During November, when we give thanks for everything that adds joy to our lives, Woof Report honors senior pups. Join us by checking out the ASPCA’s Top Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog and visiting your local shelter.

The Scoop:

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Originally published November 2018; reviewed and updated November 2016.