Improve your dog’s leash manners and put an end to pulling with the Walk In Sync dog harness system.

If you’re a long time Woof Report reader, you know I feature few actual product reviews on the site. I tend to find, buy and try dog goodies and people things as I see them and share what I find (it’s a perfect way to justify my purchases to spoil my dog, Larry, and loved ones).

When Colorado-based dog trainer Alecia Evans contacted me about reviewing the Walk In Sync dog harness system she created, I made an exception. I know leash pulling is a common behavior issue for many folks, and I personally needed to work on Larry’s leash manners.

While Larry enjoys the freedom of going off-leash at the beach or dog park, once leashed with a 6-foot lead or a flexi-leash, he has his own agenda. He walks ahead of me (kindly pausing to wait for me to catch up when I call his name), and he pulls me all the way especially at the start of our runs together. I’m definitely used to people passing by and smiling, and I know they’re thinking Larry is walking or running me and not the opposite. The one exception: when we’re on our way home from the pet store and I have a bag of dog biscuits in hand! In that case, he ‘s right next to me and on his best leash behavior.

I was intrigued by Walk In Sync because I knew I had to do something about Larry’s leash pulling, and after reviewing the website for WalkInSync, I was impressed. Not only does Alecia discuss the dangers and inefficiencies of outdated modes of managing leash pulling, such as choke chains and prong collars, but she’s clearly taken great care in creating a solution that does not cause a dog harm nor pain.

A weekend getaway in Santa Barbara with my husband, Mike, and Larry, of course, was the perfect opportunity to test out the Walk in Sync harness and leash. While Larry would get his off-leash time at the beach, he would also need to be leashed, close by, and on his best behavior as we walked along busy State Street and went into stores and strolled along the path by the beach on Cabrillo Street.


As soon as we put the WalkInSync harness on Larry, he was a changed dog! Mike and I were in disbelief – was this really our dog walking by our side, and not pulling to walk in front of us? The harness fit Larry perfectly (size small and he’s 55 lbs), and I was surprised it was quite thin, yet really did the job. Larry seemed comfortable wearing the harness, and the fleece lining was a nice touch too. The best part about the harness – aside from walking next to our pup for a change, was not worrying that he was hurting himself by pulling on the leash.

All in all, WalkInSync has changed the way we walk with Larry and I would highly recommend it!

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Learn more about the Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking and Training System.

Originally published June 2011; reviewed and updated November 2016.