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See more fabulous friends from years ago in our Woof Report Friends Gallery.


Meet lovely Kiwi, an 8-month-old Shepherd mix in search of her Forever home in the Los Angeles area. Learn more about this friendly, affectionate sweetheart to see if she’s the dog for you!





Meet handsome Colt, an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler available for adoption from the Milo Foundation in the SF Bay Area. Learn more about this active, smart pup to see if he’s the dog for you!





Meet Hano Solo! Han Solo, Solo for short, is a lovely and much-loved Beagle residing in the SF Bay Area.





Meet Tedi! Tedi is a 6-month old active pup, an Aussie Mix, who loves to play. He resides in Los Angeles with his two human brothers, and a cat named Charlie.





Sweet Murray is a one-year-old Shepherd-mix who loves to play with his toys and snuggle with his people in his foster home. He is great with other dogs of all sizes and is ready for a loving forever home. Could he be the dog for you? He’s available for adoption in Fresno, CA from Animal Compassion Team of California.




Adorable Timber is an English Cream Golden Retriever living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This sweetheart loves the beach, playing at the park, napping, and his family.





Handsome Sherman is an Old English Sheepdog living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This fluffy sweetheart just turned two and you can find him on Instagram @sherman_the_oes.





Meet Loba, a lovely female Husky who has mellowed with age and will make a wonderful companion! She’s available for adoption from the Santa Rosa Humane Society of Sonoma County Learn more about her at Petfinder.




Meet Buddy, the new Woof Reporter! He’s a German Shepherd-Border Collie mix, very active, and such a sweet puppy. He loves walks, puppy playdates, and stealing shoes to bring under the bed. He is learning to get along with George the cat and wants nothing more than to play with his lookalike ‘big brother’ Larry.




Meet smiling Shepherd-mix Indie available for adoption in Encinitas, CA from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. Could she be the dog for you?





Say hello to fluffy sweetheart Mazie from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is playful, sweet, and as you can see, adorable.





Say hello to adorable Carlyle from the San Francisco Bay Area. Could he be any cuter?





Meet Woody from Michigan, a wonderful PAWS With a Cause service dog.





Mavericks and Maui are neighbors, sweethearts, and BFFS residing in Marin Country. Mavericks is an English Lab who just celebrated his first birthday (Happy Birthday, Mav!) and you can read more about darling Maui below.




Lovely Lola is a 5-year Lab/Pittie mix available for adoption from I Stand With My Pack in Los Angeles. Aside from having the sweetest face ever, Lola is loving with a mellow but happy demeanor, and she lights up in the presence of her humans and loves attention.




Lola is a 14-year old Havanese sweetheart residing in Tarzana, CA. She loves to snuggle on the couch with her people and staunchly protects the house from squirrels and other critters.





Beautiful Molly is a joy! Always friendly, happy, and ball-obsessed — she is such a good girl. She resides in the SF Bay Area and misses her big sis, another beautiful yellow Lab.





Say hello to Ceiba, a lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback mix available for adoption in the SF Bay Area. Learn more about this athletic, loyal, and playful pup at Rocket Dog Rescue.





Meet Sierra, a beautiful 7-year-old Shepherd-mix who just found her forever home thanks to at Beyond Rescue in the SF Bay Area.




Top Dog AtwaterATWATER

Meet Atwater, an adorable Pitbull-Chihuahua mix (and what a mix!) who is looking for his forever home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Could this sweetheart be the dog for you? Learn more about Atwater at Petfinder.com.



Top Dog MauiMAUI

Meet Maui, an adorable English Lab from the San Francisco Bay Area. This little sweetheart loves to play hard and snuggle with his two human brothers.




Top Dogs Lincoln and LondonLINCOLN and LONDON

Meet Lincoln and London, lovely Goldendoodle siblings from Southern California! Find these adorable and photogenic sweethearts on their must-see Instagram account @the_life_of_lincoln.



Top Dog MooseMOOSE

Meet Moose, a 12-week old Goldendoodle! This fluffy sweetheart lives in Marin in the San Francisco Bay Area. He certainly has some time before he grows into his name!




Top Dog ArloARLO

Meet Lab-Shepherd mix, Arlo. Those eyes, those markings! This sweetheart looks like he’ll make a wonderful best friend. Could he be the dog for you? Learn more about Arlo, who is located in Los Angeles, at Petfinder.com or TheDogCafeLA.com.



Top Dog MiloMILO

Meet adorable Milo all the way from Auckland, New Zealand!

Milo is one year and a half old and his favorite thing ever is to go for walks! He’s learned what the word walk means, so when we say it, he knows he’s going for one! He also loves playing with our Birman cat.


Top Dog WillWILL

Meet Will, a handsome German Shepherd from Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary. He’s a friendly, strong, and exuberant dog ready for a forever home soon. Learn more at Petfinder.com.




Top Dog ShaggySHAGGY

Meet Shaggy, a handsome pup just two months into his new forever home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shaggy was adopted from the wonderful Pound Puppy Rescue (which happens to be where we adopted Woof Reporter Larry). Back to Shaggy – could he be any cuter? Could he have picked a better time to join his new family?



Top Dog ChanceCHANCE

Meet Chance, a handsome now 1-year-old, 150-lb sweetheart. He is as sweet as can be and this photo is when he was just a young pup. Chance resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and adores his human sister.



Top Dog ShadowSHADOW

Meet Shadow, a handsome 2-year-old sweetheart. Shadow loves to be cuddled and enjoys walking and seeing the world around him. Learn more about him from CARE Companion Animal Rescue Effort in San Jose.



Top Dog DollyDOLLY

Meet Dolly from Los Angeles! This 84 lb Cattle Dog mix has a sweet and loving personality with a passion for walking! Dolly gets along with small and large dogs alike. Could this sweetheart be the dog for you? She is available at the Lange Foundation in West Los Angeles.



Top Dog ArchieARCHIE

Meet Archie from Minneapolis! Could he be any cuter? And those ears! This sweetheart is available for adoption from Save a Bull of Minnesota. He’s in foster care for now, but check with the rescue group to learn more. Follow along @saveabullmn and see more photos of Archie @prettynantastic.



Top Dog WillowWILLOW

It’s Willow from Northern California, a 2-year-old rescue pup with the sweetest face! She more of this cutie at @woof_its_willow_




Top Dog Simba and BuzzSIMBA and BUZZ

Meet Simba and Buzz, adorable Miniature Dachshund siblings from London. You can see more of these sweethearts @BuzzandSimba.




Top Dog ButtercupBUTTERCUP

Meet adorable Buttercup from the SF Bay Area. She’s just a young pup and recently joined her family, which includes another Golden! She is too cute in her jacket!




Top Dog JosieJOSIE

Meet Josie from Santa Monica, who like most LA natives loves sunshine and the beach. She’ll turn 4 this June!




Top Dog LiloLILO

Meet Lilo, a beautiful 6-month-old German Shepherd mix seeking her forever home in Northern California and beyond. Lilo is all puppy, tail wags, and kisses to her humans and an active, smart girl. Could she be the pup for you? We hope so! She sounds absolutely wonderful! She’s a littermate to Luce and Tala, who are available for adoption, too.

Learn more about Lilo and her sisters at Shep Heroes.


Top Dog Kobe and DoriKOBE and DORI

These adorable Beagles are actual siblings from different litters and reside in Los Angeles. They have identical markings, but different personalities — and different taste buds! Kobe is named after the Japanese Black Cattle and Jidori (Dori for short) after the free-range chicken. See these sweeties on Instagram @kobe_jidori.



Top Dog HarlequinHARLEQUIN

Sweetheart Harlequin is an absolute beauty and looking for her forever home in the Los Angeles area. You can find this 6-year old pup at Rockin Rescue in Woodland Hills and she has been there for four years! She was rescued and her puppies all found homes and sadly she’s been overlooked. Is she the dog for you or perhaps you’d like to take her on an outing or have her over for a sleepover? She gentle, affectionate, and playful. Learn more about here here and see her videos!


Top Dog LincolnLINCOLN

Lincoln is an 8-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He’s a champion swimmer – loves the sun, surf and apples, and snuggling with his owner Fiona when it’s cold (even with his double layer of insulation)!



Top Dog Rosie


Rosie is a little sweetheart who lives in the SF Bay Area and was adopted just recently from Hopalong Rescue. She’s about a year old and shares her home with a dog named Mickey and two human siblings. This friendly girl loves hanging out at the park meeting dogs and people!



Top Dog CharleyCHARLEY

Charley is a 7-year-old Bearded Collie mix. He was adopted a year ago from Foxy and The Hounds Rescue in Los Angeles. He’s very intelligent and a loving companion.  He loves to go on walks and likes all the people he meets but he barks at all the other dogs on the street.  He’s a great best friend and a very handsome boy!



Top Dog Zeke


Meet handsome Zeke, an 8-month old Labrador who enjoys both sunshine and snow in his hometown of Arizona. Zeke is super smart and a true water dog – he loves nothing more than a dip (or a few) in the pool on a hot day.



Top Dog GingerGINGER

Sweet Ginger turned 12 on November 29th and she’s Chihuahua/ Jack Russell mix. Could she be any cuter?




Top Dog BabkaBABKA

Babka is a fabulous Labradoodle sweetheart. He is a beloved family member who loves walks and snuggling on the couch — and he protects the neighborhood from errant bike riders.



Top Dog JimmyJIMMY

This is Jimmy…our 15-month-old mixed breed rescue dog.  He is the most exuberant dog I’ve ever known and if he could play 24/7 I know he would.  He’s affectionate and loves his toys and bully springs.



Top Dog PhinleyPHINLEY

Phinley is a 3 and 1/2-year-old black lab, and as you can see, she absolutely loved her first trip to the ocean. We watched the sunrise over the ocean’s waves, and her exuberance couldn’t be contained. Granted, I don’t think it was the sunrise she was excited about, but the freedom, the water, and the opportunity to race around after her Orbee Tough. 🙂 She is my best friend, my sidekick, and my reason for smiling.



The Livin’ the Crazy crew are four fluffy rescues with heart and love to spare. Based in Chandler, Arizona, they spend the majority of their time making people smile either in person at vendor/community events or on their social media sites. They love to camp, hike, stand-up paddleboard (some more than others), learn tricks, pose for pictures and snuggle with their Mom — of course! They are HUGE rescue advocates, believing that the perfect dog for every family already exists in a shelter, they’re just waiting for you.

Want to meet the Crazies? Read on and find them on Instagram @livinthecrazy.

At eight, Murphy is the most senior of the group. He was found wandering the streets of Mesa and came into Friends for Life Animal Rescue matted, emaciated and grumpy. He’s significantly less grumpy these days and tells us that his favorite activity in the world is the lure course (when his arthritis allows), and his LEAST favorite thing in the world is COLD. He really hates being cold.

Sonny is the most recent permanent addition to the Livin’ the Crazy family, though he’s been in and out of foster with them since 2015. He’s a seven-year-old Shih-Tzu that turned up at the Yuma Humane Society with a severe eye injury. They removed the eye when they did his neuter, and he fostered with Livin’ the Crazy as he healed, and then again in 2018. In 2019 he found himself back at the rescue and running out of options, so the Crazies welcomed him back with open arms. He just couldn’t figure out why they kept sending him away to new families, but he’s sooo happy that their Mom finally signed the paperwork to keep him forever. His favorite thing in the world is his Mom, and his least favorite thing is being away from Mom. He’s a simple dog.

Oliva (Liv) is the only female Crazy, and as such, she is a perfect diva. She is a six-year-old, six-pound Shih-Tzu/Yorkie/Maltese blend, and she is as sweet as she is adorable. She and her littermate sister (Sparkle) were found in Gilbert, terrified, matted and covered in ticks. She has grown into a confident, brave, and fun-loving pup- and is the pup that most often goes places with Mom. When we asked her why her and not the boys, she shrugged and said: “I’m small and easy!” Her favorite thing in the world is her flat squeaky Dollar Store pig. Her least favorite things in the world are windshield wipers. They’re scary!

Last, but certainly not least, is Enzo. Enzo is a five-year-old “All American” mutt, which simply means they don’t have any clue what his blend is. When people ask him “what he is”, his impish reply is “I’m loved!” Truer words have never been spoken. He was another Yuma pup that made his way to Friends for Life at the tender age of nine months. Enzo’s favorite thing in the world is Olivia, and his least favorite thing in the world is a delayed meal.

Many have asked why they’re called the Crazies and their response is “We’re crazy about rescues, crazy about each other, and crazy about living our best life! We believe everybody should be just a little (ok, maybe a lot) crazy about their furkids, and not be afraid to flaunt it. Live the Crazy!”


Honey is a gentle sweetheart who resides in the SF Bay Area. She was rescued and joined a family complete with two human siblings and two Siberian cats — and they all adore her! Honey has earned her Canine Good Citizen and is training to become a therapy dog.




Beautiful Molly is a German Shepherd seeking her forever home in Northern California and beyond. She’s a happy girl who loves people, belly rubs, walks, and her foster brothers and sister. She’s about 10 years old, but don’t let that fool you because she’s still full of energy! Could she be the dog for you? We hope so!
Learn more about Molly at Shep Heroes.



Meet Gavin, a beloved Shetland Sheepdog born in January 2017. He is an adventurous pup who has enjoyed the Karen Pryor Clicker Academy, a Nosework class, Agility Foundations, and even sheep herding! He is a sweet, sensitive soul and loves to play with friendly dogs and to chase sticks in the river.




Handsome Buddy was adopted from Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles. He is a good boy who has found his forever home!




Top Dog SugarSUGAR

Sugar is the most friendly dog you will find — always ready to go and happy to be by your side. Her favorite treat is potato chips but we just give her a few each week!