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Top Dog Darwin


We just got Darwin from an adoption center, he is very shy as he has been at the shelter awhile, but has warmed up to us well in just a day. He is a sweetheart and likes to cuddle. He is a mutt, we don’t know what type of breed he is. He likes to play and sleep!

Top Dog Dusty


Dusty is 5 years old, very loving and smart. When we renewed our wedding vows last July, he walked down the aisle in before me. All without practicing. He loves to wear clothes and shoes. His favorite treat is “Baa Baa Q’s”. He goes everywhere with us and loves to ride in his stroller. He is such a joy to be around.

Top Dog Vader


It was the will of the Force that I found my best friend Vader at a No-Kill shelter. He’s a pitbull (AmStaff), Shepard, Husky mutt (total junkyard dog) and he’s the best friend I could ever ask for. All he wants is love…and cheese. He brought joy into our lives we didn’t even know we were missing.

Top Dog Ruby


Ruby is a five-year-old female Dalmatian. She is a wonderful dog and loyal companion to me and my husband. I am blessed to have her in my life :o).

Top Dog Stella


Stella won 2nd place in the “Lap Dog” Contest at the Dogfest in San Francisco in April.

Top Dog Henry<


Henry is a senior barely rescued from a kill shelter then adopted by us. He is a doxie mix with visual/auditory issues but is gentle, mellow and tolerant. Henry loves to eat and follow me everywhere, all day. He’s happy in his security & grateful for all signs of love. Henry is the perfect example why senior adoptions rock!

Top Dog Giffe


This is my Russian-born Griffon Bruxellois male celebrating Midsummer!

Top Dog Sophee


Sophee is a 2 yr old lab/shep mix. She was rescued in NC while I was on Vacation and is now a Therapy Dog. She is the sweetest, most gentle girl and loves everyone.

Top Dogs Buddy and Cruey

Buddy & Cruey

American Shelter Dogs

Top Dog Dash


Afterhours Stash N’ Dash. 3-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer. Loves to hunt. Very fuzzy & sweet.

Top Dogs Rocky and Blade

Rocky & Blade

Best Friends Forever

Top Dog Mya June

Mya June

Mya June is a rescue. She has been with her new family for 20 months and was 7 months when they picked her up and loved her from the start. She is bright, sweet and loves to hike with her human pack. She also loves going to the dog park and swimming.

Top Dogs Angelina and Nicholas

Angelina & Nicholas

Angelina and Nicholas two tiny terrors, they are the best. They both model for Pawdacious Pets. Angelina is 7 years old and Nicholas is 11 months. They keep me entertained on a daily basis.

Top Dog Hairy Putter

Hairy Putter

Hairy is the Director of Barketing for Visit Mendocino County, Inc. As the canine ambassador for the northern California county, he appears in many of their magazine ads and attends trade shows. Hairy also write a blog reviewing pet-friendly businesses in the county, www.HairysBlog.com

Top Dog Nina


This is our girl, Nina, a 6-month-old boxer mix that we adopted. In this picture, she is at a walk for breast cancer.

Top Dog Rocky


Rocky is a 10-year-old Australian Shepard, rescued at 3. He has routinely run 50+ mile weeks with us during our marathon training and carries his own food and water. He has run as far as 25 miles at one time. Rocky’s nose lacks pigment and requires sunblock, not his favorite taste.

Top Dog Jersey


Jersey is a 9-month-old rescue from a puppy mill, shelter and foster home. I saw him on Petfinder.com and at 3 months old my husband and I drove from Southern VA. to northern Ohio to make him part of our family. He is the sweetest, most lovable, entertaining loves of our lives!

Top Dog Bailey


Bailey is 4-year-old miniature Silver Dapple Doxie. He never gets tired of playing, barking, or looking for that crumb of lost food. He’s a very smart dog who knows or pretends to know. His favorite word is Squirrel.

Top Dog Lady


Lady is an American Red Nose Pitbull. She is a 4 yr. old, she’s very loving, playful and protective. Loves to swim and play fetch. Awesome family dog.

Top Dogs Jack & Chloe

Jack & Chloe

Top Dog Dusty


Dusty is 5 yrs old, very loving and smart. When we renewed our wedding vows last July, he walked down the aisle in before me. All without practicing. He loves to wear clothes and shoes. His favorite treat is “Baa Baa Q’s”. He goes everywhere with us and loves to ride in his stroller. He is such a joy to be around.

Top Dogs Jack, Brandy & Yeager

Jack, Brandy & Yeager

Top Dog Shadow


Shadow is the best doggie ever – I’m so lucky to have him! Shadow likes to go hiking off-leash and to the beach, where he loves to dig! He can dig for 20 minutes straight! Shadow likes belly rubs and to snuggle with me. I’m in love!

Top Dog (and Cat) Mojito & Marcel

Marcel & Mojito

Mojito’s best friend is Marcel the cat.

Top Dog Angus


An exceedingly handsome Welsh Cardigan Corgi who loves to boss his mean kitters around and play fetch.

Top Dog Aussie


We got Aussie from a bad situation about 3 years ago. He is the most loving and sweet pet! Still a bit leery of strangers, he has made great strides through love and patience! He loves his little bro Rowdy, even though Rowdy can be a pestie! We left his name Aussie since that was all he had known. He is my heart & he’s happy!

Top Dog Pepsi


Pepsi is 4 1/2-year-old Chihuahua. She is a therapy dog and has earned her CGC,2 CD Titles, and her RN Title. She is an awesome little dog. Extraordinary for a Chihuahua. Her ears did not stand up as a pup so she looks so adorable with them down and her big brown eyes, full of life and love.

Top Dogs Sophie and Cooper

Sophie & Cooper

My girls are both rescues, and my furry children :). Sophie, 3, is a Border Collie mix, and Cooper, 2, is an Akita/ Lab mix. They are best buddies, and the best exercise companions I could ask for. They are famous in our neighborhood for their tandem leash walks. They remind us every day not to forget to play!

Top Dog Lola

Lola Korman

Lola loves her walks but also loves taking a snooze on the couch. She is always in a good mood and is especially happy when she is going on a walk or playing chase!

Top Dog Graydog


Graydog is a senior citizen age 14. He’s been the best companion animal since he selected me as his partner 13 years ago. He used to love running beside me when I rode my horse. Now he enjoys a quiet life at home. He enjoys car rides, short walks and meeting new dogs in the neighborhood.

Top Dog Kaleo


Kaleo is a Great Pyrenees who was abandoned in Oklahoma and eventually was in a no-kill shelter there. He was considered too big to be adopted as a family pet, so was transported to California by Big Dog Rescue in Penngrove, California. He is a neighborhood favorite! (And a great guard dog….)

Top Dog Korky


Korky lives in Austin, Texas! He is a 2-year-old Schnauzer mix. He loves to bark at the deer in our backyard.Top Dog Buster Brown

Buster Brown

It’s pretty obvious we spoil our dogs by letting them sit on the furniture, but they think they are humans! I’m surprised that at 93 pound Buster can fit on the arm of the sofa. It is his favorite spot where he can look out the window.

Top Dog Bella


Bella was found a stray wandering the streets of Detroit and was going to be PTS simply for being a pit bull. We gave her a shot and spent time training her – now she’s close to passing her CGC and will be a therapy dog for a veteran with PTSD. We’re so lucky to have found Bella and are SO VERY PROUD of her.

Top Dog Gabi


Gabi is a very sweet and loving Mini Schnauzer. She would have made an excellent mother with her loving and nurturing ways. She is always licking and wanting to care for her adopted Sister Katie……another mini Schnauzer.

Top Dog Regis


Regis joined our family 3 1/2 years ago. He is a cattle dog/chow-chow mix and is the most amazing dog! He was rescued from a no kill shelter and was bought for our son’s birthday. Regis is truly our best friend. He knows when I am sick, he knows when I am sad and will just lay by me and stick close to me. We are blessed!

Top Dog Cain Daddy and Roscoe

Cain Daddy & Roscoe

Cain Daddy is a 7yr red-nose pit bull who should be a poster-dog for well-behaved, socialized pits (don’t blame the breed), and Roscoe is a 2yr chihuahua, who doesn’t know he weighs only 3 pounds! They are my grand-doggies and both are rescues and live in Alamosa with my son. They love to wrestle and play tug of war.

Top Dogs Charlie and Sophie


Chuckie is an 8-year-old dachshund. He belonged to my husband’s parents and he came to live with us 1 year ago. We have become very attached to him. He loves to lay in his beds following the sun around the room, play with his ball and go for walks and rides in the car.

Top Dogs Charlie and Sophie

Charlie & Sophie

Couch potatoes to the hilt, and not the smartest dogs on the block, but without a doubt the cutest dogs in the neighborhood hands down.

Top Dog Larry


Larry is Lab/Border Collie mix, and simply the best dog! He has lots of energy, is always up for a game of tug o’ war, and has never met a treat or chuck-it he didn’t like. He has a mellow side too – he’s a big snuggler and is kind to his feline brother-of-sorts, Ted.

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