Woof Report Editorial Policy + Affiliate Disclosure

illu10All items featured in Woof Report are selected exclusively by the Woof Report editorial team. We do not accept payment or any other compensation in exchange for editorial coverage. From time to time, we feature sponsored posts and these will be clearly labeled; however, we only feature sponsored posts from companies we love!

Our mission is to ensure that Woof Report is your practical, relevant and objective source for the information you and your dog need.


Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links and advertisements on this website are affiliate links through the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other programs. This means that if you purchase something through one of these links, Woof Report may receive a small commission. These fees help us keep the site running (so thank you!).  Be assured we never recommend anything we don’t love and we are dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and dog lovers.

Enjoy Woof Report!

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